“TIPS-MAPP Training is a series of classes required for all foster parents before licensing. TIPS-MAPP is often viewed as a pre-service training, when in actuality it is a model program that utilizes 15 tools designed to help prospective adoptive/foster parents understand the difference between the desire to help and making the commitment to bring children into their home. Leader’s use the tools to help inform participants about the child welfare system and the role of foster parents, develop the necessary skills to become a successful foster/adoptive parent and assess families to determine if they are a positive fit for the role of a foster parent and for their agency.”

To learn more about TIPS-MAPP training, visit the official site here.

There is currently a training in progress and CRI will have the new schedule for the next training posted ASAP!

*Note: In order to be invited to training you will need to have had an initial walk-through of your home completed by our recruiter.

(This gives our recruiter the opportunity to explain the licensing process to you!)

To begin the process, or to receive more information about becoming a foster parent, please contact :

Brittney Kilfeather – TFC Recruitment Specialist

(860)621-7600 x117

or email her today –


Please RSVP to Louisa at (860) 21-7600 x420.
We are not able to provide child care,
and some material is not appropriate for children.