PRIDE Training is a series of classes required for all foster parents before licensing.  CRI’s PRIDE Training offers the standard information taught in DCF classes, as well as additional information that is useful to Therapeutic Foster Parents.  We cover topics including Grief and Loss, Behavior and Discipline, Keeping Your Home Safe for a Foster Child, Attachment Issues, Child Development and Children Who Have Been Traumatized, and many more.



*Note: In order to be invited to training you will need to have had an initial walk-through of your home completed by our recruiter.

(This gives our recruiter the opportunity to explain the licensing process to you!)

To begin the process, or to receive more information about becoming a foster parent, please contact :

Brittney (888) 737-7775 x117


Please RSVP to Louisa at (860) 665-9478 x420.
We are not able to provide child care,
and some material is not appropriate for children.