Training Starts Wednesday!

Posted on: January 18th, 2016

Our first TIPS-MAPP class is starting on Wednesday night from 6pm-9pm at our new facility in Newington and we are so excited to meet all of the wonderful people pursuing their foster parenting license! Attendees will not be disappointed by this dynamic training. Rather than being led through a simple informational session; this training encourages group conversation, reflection, group activities and will provide each family with the tools that they need to assess what will be the correct path for their family. Each week presents new topics that will lead into the next sessions topic, so it’s important to be there from the beginning and to avoid missing any classes. The camaraderie that develops between the families throughout training is one of the most beneficial aspects of the class. You’ll learn together, grow together, and hopefully become natural supports for one another!

Here’s a short description of the new training from the official website:

TIPS-MAPP is often viewed as a pre-service training, when in actuality it is a model program that utilizes 15 tools designed to help prospective adoptive/foster parents understand the difference between the desire to help and making the commitment to bring children into their home. Leader’s use the tools to help inform participants about the child welfare system and the role of foster parents, develop the necessary skills to become a successful foster/adoptive parent, and assess families to determine if they are a positive fit for the role of a foster parent for their agency.

“The program required (a minimum of ) 10 weeks, but at no time was the class a burden. I highly recommend it to all potential foster care families.” -Anonymous

If you’re interested in participating in this new training, please contact

our recruiter today! or 860-621-7600 Ext.117

We look forward to your call!